Here are the different services provided

1 hour Massage - $75
90 minute Massage - $110
Outcall Table Massage - $95/hour
Outcall Seated Massage - $70/hour per therapist
Postural Assessment Package (2 photo shoots with 3-1 hour massage sessions) - $240.
MVA/WC Cases are billed $140/hour directly to insurance companies

If your insurance plan covers for Massage Therapy by a Licensed Massage Therapist, you pay me for the visit, then you submit the receipt to the insurance company to get reimbursed.
In the event of Motor Vehicle Accidents and Workmen's Compensation, you need to bring a referral from the doctor, with the Diagnostic Code, and amount of sessions, along with all police and medical reports, and insurance information in order for me to bill the Insurance Company directly.

Relaxation Massage

Seriously, not my forte'. If you want Reiki or Chakra Balancing, I can do that; but if you want cuccumbers on your eyes while listening to Enya, I won't be offended if you go elsewhere.

OutCall Massage

Walter will go to your home or hotel room, with the understanding that this is therapeutic massage only. REMINDER: He is a Martial Arts Instructor. Asking for anything else has not gone well for others.

Rate: $95/hour
Massage session must last longer than travel time.

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is broken into three aspects:

Prevention Massage - This is done two to three days before a sports event (Marathon, Iron Man, etc...) It is 90 minutes long, and you will think I'm killing you. It will be sore the next day (so don't exercise that day); but you will feel like a million bucks the day of your event.

Event Massage - This is done on the day of your event. Two Aspects: Pre and Post event. Pretty explanatory. I often work with the ME Sports Massage Team to be at certain events, or you can hire me to attend to your team only.

Injury Rehab - Darn it! Something went wrong, and it will. So I am here to help you get back on the road to recovery. I will work in conjuction with your Doctor, Chiroprator, PT, OT, whomever you need, to get you back into the game.

Postural Assessment

This procedure is done prior and post of all sessions involved with insurance cases. Whether it is a Motor Vehicle Accident, or a Workmen's Comp Case, you will have a series of photos done prior to any treatment from Walter; and then again after the prescribed amount of sessions for reference.

If you wish to have this done for personal reasons, you can make arrangements. $30 for the pre and post pictures.

The Postural Assessment Package includes:
Photos of your posture from four angles
Three One-Hour Massage Sessions addressing the issues that are affecting your posture
Follow-up Photo Session
Printed report showing postural deformities and corrections


Neuro-Muscular Therapy is an in depth approach to correcting soft tissue problems in the body. Often a muscle becomes constricted, pulling on a joint, causing the opposite side to become taut. This inpinges blood vessels, nerves, lymph passages, leading to pain, reduced range of motion, and illness. It is quite common to have the "good side" be the actual problem. NMT approaches issues from this perspective.


Fascia is the connective tissue running throughout our bodies. There are two types: Subdermal Fascia and Myofascia

Subdermal Fascia runs directly under the skin and connects one area of the body to another. 
Myofascia wraps around muscle fibers in order to seperate them from one another.

Sometimes, the fascia gets stuck. So there are a number of approaches to deal with this, based on what is stuck, where, and how it is affecting your range of motion. Although MFR is usually focussed on subdermal fascia, sometimes it is required to work on the myofascia, and that will cause you to call Walter some bad names. You have been warned.


This class is focused on getting Dad more involved with the new baby. Massage techniques are great to use right after a bath, diaper change, or getting ready for bed.
Two hour class involves history of massage, basic anatomy, massage techniques on your own baby, and instructions to take home so you can practice on baby.
$30 for Dad and Baby, of course Mom can come, too. Parents also receive a bottle of oil for the baby's massages.


Not your Grandma's Reiki. Instead of just laying on of hands, this is much more active.
The client is dressed, either laying on a table, or sitting in a chair, while Walter "scrapes" away disrupted parts of the energy field, and smooths it out with clean energy. 
Much more Esoteric than Walter's other modalities; but still relaxing.