Walter R. Selens, LMT has been practicing bodywork since April, 1988. Starting off as a Paranormal Investigator on Cape Cod, the classroom focus changed, and Walter found himself studying energy patterns in health and body work. Walter studied for two years in the Massage Bodywork Program; then went to the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA. Within a week of graduation in 1993, Walter was a Nationally Certified Bodyworker and Massage Practitioner, then was certified as a Peri-Natal Massage Specialist and Infant Massage Instructor. 
Walter's focus has been primarily on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Additional Certifications in Somatic Therapy, Body Alignment Analysis, Seated Massage, Sports Massage (his internship was WWC Wrestlers), and Neuro-Muscular Therapy has made Walter very capable of focusing on Sports, Work Place, and Motor Vehicle Injuries. 
Walter owned Massage By The Minute shortly after moving to Maine in 1997, then co-owned A Bout of Health with Acupuncturist Meret Bainbridge from 2002-2012. 

What is Muscular Therapy?

Muscular Therapy is a more clinical approach to Massage Therapy. Think of Physical Therapy without the tools and exercises.
This is not a relaxing "Massage"; but instead, a focus on what is wrong. Although the Scope of Practice does not allow for diagnosis nor treatment; it does allow for working with your doctor and other therapists as a team effort to aid you in recovery from soft-tissue injuries.

Be sure to ask about Seated Massage for your event

Seated Massage is great for any event. Project Graduation, Stress Relief Events, Corporate Gatherings, Wedding Parties, etc...
We have a team of professional therapists ready to help you out with large groups. 
NOTE: If you only need one LMT at an event, you will get Walter only. You cannot call for "a girl" to show up.

Sports Massage

Walter was certified in Sports Massage in 1992. After countless hours in trainings, volunteer hours at hundreds of sporting events, and being a certified Martial Arts Instructor (World Moo Duk Kwan Fed. & Pyoung Ahn Do Academy) and Certified Archery Instructor (USA Archery Assoc), Walter has a pretty good idea on how to help you to prevent, and recover from sports injuries.
Plus, his Sports Internship hours were spent working on WWF/WWC Wrestlers. So he can handle big guys.

What Else Do I Do?

One interesting side effect of Massage, was getting into woodworking (yes, there is a connection). Walter often works with people that are in need of walking assistance, but cannot due to hand pathologies (Arthritis, MS, etc...) So he started creating a way to carve wooden canes directly to the hand of the clients. This led to creating WALT-KING STICKS & MORE. Although that business has grown to include many other wood products, the primary focus is still hand crafted, customized canes, staffs, and walking sticks that are ergonomically crafted to you only.