How Do I Get An Appointment?

In order to get an appoinment between May 4th and July 1st, you need to fall into one or both categories:

A) You have a referral from your Doctor or another medical professional regarding a recent injury. The referral MUST state the Diagnostic Code, and number of sessions. You will also need to bring all insurance information. If this is a Motor Vehicle Accident, I will need insurance information from all partes, and the Police Report, plus any medical findings.

B) You have a Time-Sensitive situation, where you need a specific session for a current injury, or to assist in a group rehab scenario. I.E. You have a chiropractic session on Tuesday, so you need neuro-muscular work done on Monday. Or you are pregnant; and you need Peri-Natal Massage prior to delivery.


This is not for "relaxation massage" or "I just need to get out of the house massage". 


There will be no outcall massage at this time for table nor seated massage.

Client Questionaire

Please fill out the questionnaire and email it